David J. Thomas
Visiting Instructor of History, Ph.D. Candidate

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Ph.D., M.A. History, Brown University, Providence, RI, Expected Spring 2016 Master of Arts, History, July 2010 Dissertation: Inscribing Roman Eleusis: Representing Networks of Family, City, and Empire at the Sanctuary to the Two Goddesses Fields: Greek & Roman History, Medieval History, Greek Epigraphy
M.A. History, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, June 2008 Fields: Ancient History, Medieval History Master’s Essay: Blood, Cult, and Status in Archaic Athens: The Origins and Rise of the Attic Genos
B.S. History Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, June 2003 Senior Thesis: Closed Shop: Union Security in Reaction to Company Unions in World War II, the Elgin National Watch Company and the International Association of Machinists

2014-Current University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Visiting Instructor of History

  • EUH 2011/12 – Ancient History I/II
  • EUH 3412 – Roman Republic
  • HIS 3930 – Community and Exclusion in Ancient Greece
  • HIS 4900 – Digital Humanities Workshop
  • HIS 4936/6936 – Introduction to Digital Humanities Seminar

Designed numerous sections on ancient history and digital humanities to undergraduates and graduate students. Designed and taught a series of workshops to faculty and students at the Advanced Visualization Center. Advised ongoing digital projects and initiatives on campus.

2008-2014 Brown University, Providence, RI Teaching Assistant

  • HIST 1000A/B – Hellenistic Greece/Shaping of the Classical World
  • HIST 1530 – Korea: Contending with Modernity
  • HIST 1730/40 – Antebellum America/Civil War & Reconstruction
  • HIST 1730A – North American Environmental History

Planned and led weekly discussion sessions. Assisted professors and students in classroom and during office hours.

2005-2007 Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL Teaching Assistant

  • HIST 110 – Western Civilization to 1500
  • HIST 113 – Western Civilization Since 1815
  • HIST 140 – Asia to 1500/li>

Planned and led weekly discussion sessions. Assisted professors and students in classroom and during office hours.

2015 Conference Panelist, Supporting Digital Humanities: Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries, “Humanities and the Digital.” 35th Annual Conference, Charleston Library Conference. Charleston, SC. November 6.
2014 Conference Panelist, Performance, Social Ritual, and Power. “Networking Status and the Political Religion of Roman Eleusis.” 2014 Annual Meeting, Association of Ancient Historians. Montreal, Quebec. May 11.
2013 Conference Panelist, Envisioning Religious Practice in Local Contexts. “Rome and Athens’ Eleusis: Imperial Identity and Elite Status in the Kerykes.” 2013 Annual Meeting, Association of Ancient Historians. Lake Eerie, PA. May 7.
2011 Conference Panelist, Religious Innovation and Empire. “The Mysteries of Roman Athenian Identity and the Activities of the Kerykes at Eleusis.” 2011 Annual Meeting, Association of Ancient Historians. May 7.
2008 Article, “Blood, Cult, and Status in Archaic Athens: The Origins and Rise of the Attic Genos.” In From the Remote to the Recent Past. Edited by Kenneth E. Hendrickson, Nicholas C.J. Pappas. Athens: Athens Institute for Education and Research.
2007 Conference Panelist, Ancient Beliefs. “Blood, Cult, and Status in Archaic Athens: The Origins and Rise of the Attic Genos.” 5th International Conference on History, Athens Institute for Education and Research. Athens, Greece, December 29.

2015 Florida Postcard Project, University of South Florida Advisory Board Member Provided long-term technical oversight and assisted project planning. Developed project solutions for database design, data entry, language control, and server operations.
2014 Networks of Roman Eleusis, thePortus.com/Eleusis Designer/Webmaster Created a LAMP web application based upon my dissertation research, allowing users to visualize social and ideological relationships found in Greek inscriptions.
2009 U.S. Epigraphy Project, Brown University XML/TEI Encoder Digitally encoded major U.S. collections of Greek and Latin inscriptions in XML, using conventions of the EpiDoc project.
2007-2008 Office of External Programming, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Northern Illinois University Webmaster Updated and maintained office webpage, designed new content and graphics, developed websites for projects and events under the purview of the office, oversaw office databases and mailing lists.

Programming HTML5/CSS3/JS5, Perl, AngularJS/jQuery/D3, XML/XLST, PHP, SQL, C/C++, Python
Skills Server/Client-Side Programming, Spatial Analysis, 3D Modeling and Design, GIS, Network Analysis, TEI-Compliant Text Encoding, Textual Analysis, Relational Database Design, Web and Graphic Design, Git/GitHub, Web Master, Data Control, Data Scraping/Mining, Windows/OSX/Linux/UNIX Environments, Visualization
Languages Classical Greek, Latin, French (Reading Comprehension), German (Reading Comprehension)

2014 Roanoke College, Salem, VA Study Abroad Assistant Coordinator Assisted in coordination, instruction, and supervision of 17 students for an intensive 3-week summer course for Roanoke College. Sites visited included Athens, Corinth, Sparta, Mycene, Pylos, Delphi, and Thebes.
2008-2014 Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth,, Bristol, RI Campus Instructor, 2013-2014 Teaching Assistant, 2011-2012 Designed and taught one section of Etymologies for grades 7-8 at an intensive, 3-week-long residential summer camp for gifted youth.
2004-2005 Kaneland High School, CUSD #302,, Maple Park, IL Social Studies Instructor Designed and taught numerous sections of World History I, American History since 1865, and Consumer Economics.

Greek and Roman History. Digital Humanities/Research. Textual, Network, and Spatial Analysis. The Post-Classical Polis. Mediterranean Interactivity. Methods and Theory of History/Ancient History. Social History and Material Culture. Religious History. Identities and Representation. Greek & Latin Language and Literature. Archaeology and Epigraphy.
American Historical Association, Association of Ancient Historians, Society for Classical Studies, Archaeological Institute of American, Association for Computers and the Humanities.